The Basics to Safely Charging a Car Battery

August 24,2020

In an effort to ensure our audience is protecting their investments in their automobiles, Kelowna Chrysler Dodge Jeep is providing a step-by-step guide for properly charging the car battery.

Begin by locating both positive and negative terminals on the car battery. The plus sign indicates positive, the minus sign is for the negative terminal.

The battery charger needs to be unplugged from the electrical outlet and in the off position before starting.

The red charging cable will go to the positive, or plus side, of the car battery. Next, secure the black charging cable, the negative, to the minus sign battery terminal.

Now that both cables are properly secured to the battery, it is safe to plug the charger into the outlet and turn on your charger. Either the charger will remain on and turn off automatically when charged or you will have to monitor the charging and turn it off when complete.

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