Tips for cleaning and sanitizing your car

January 17,2022

Ever since the start of the pandemic, everyone’s been all about sanitization. It’s important to wash your hands, wipe down your phone, and make sure your home and workspace are sanitized to help prevent the spread of the virus (especially now with the more easily spreading Omicron variant).

But what about your car? Keeping your car clean and sanitized is equally as important. If your car isn’t clean, once you touch the door handle, steering wheel, or any part inside your car, your hands are dirty again. Here are a few detailing tips to help you get your ride as clean and sanitized as possible.

1. Keep supplies handy

We at Kelowna Chrysler think that hand sanitizer should always be on hand to lessen the transmission of germs. Keep your car stocked with disinfectant wipes so you can wipe down surfaces regularly. We also recommend using gloves or a paper towel when filling up at the gas station to prevent transmission from the gas pump.,

2. Focus on high-touch surfaces

What are the areas in your car that get touched the most? These are the spots you want to take extra care cleaning.

  • Door handles (both inside and exterior)
  • Steering wheel
  • Turn signal/windshield wiper controls
  • Seatbelt buckles
  • Shifter
  • Touchscreens and buttons
  • A/C and heat controls

Also, keep in mind areas where droplets might land if you sneeze or cough (driver’s side door, dashboard i.e.). 

3. Car seats!

If you have booster seats, don’t forget to clean them too! On some booster seats, you can remove the fabric and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning (same if you use car seat covers). Otherwise use a soapy water mixture on the fabric and let it dry, and disinfect all plastic parts with a disinfectant wipe.

4. Get your car professionally detailed

Cleaning your car by yourself is time-consuming. Here at Kelowna Chrysler, we have a professional Detail Department with all the necessary tools to clean and sanitize your vehicle. Our Detail Specialists will clean your car for you, and you can have peace of mind knowing that it gets done properly and thoroughly.

We offer full interior and exterior detail packages, as well as an interior sanitizing fog. You can schedule a vehicle detail via our Service page.

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